Bitmex guide and review

Bitmex Main 2020

Bitmex Main 2020


If you’re a coin investor, you’ve probably heard of BITMEX at least once. However, there are many people who have negative perceptions and fears rather than positive perceptions. I also had a negative perception of bitmex, which can leverage up to 100 times its assets, and a vague fear that I shouldn’t be too close to it. He was afraid to learn more about bitmex because he had a painful memory of being greedy in investing in gifts in the past. I’ve always said to you, “You can’t be biased in investment, you can lose the best chance of your life because of that bias.” I don’t think that bias can be easily fixed. ^; I don’t know how many hits I’ve had in the second half of this year, sneering at the cam theme and saying I’ll never get close. And as you may know, in a matter of days, we’ve been able to overcome that prejudice and boldly participate in the purchase, and we’ve made hundreds of percent of the profit.


Actually, there’s not much detail on the bitmex exchange on the Internet.


For those of you who are interested in investing margin, but are hesitant about information, I would like to give you more detailed information. Of course, after you get the information, you’re the one who chooses. If I get a chance, I’ll post a follow-up post and write in more detail about how to deal with bitmex. I’m still a beginner at bitmex, so I’m not sure if I can explain the strategy with confidence.

In fact, I had some regrets about not starting bitmex earlier this year. Short from the beginning of the year (guessing that Bitcoin is falling).)It would have been a huge profit if I had just hit it, because I was obsessed with it and kept up with the tough fight. In the stock market, foreigners and institutions can sell publicly, right? Individuals are not allowed to sell publicly. But on the BITMEX exchange, individuals can exchange public and public offerings. If you feel like you’re going to fall off without having to go up after you buy it, you can make a profit by betting on it. Up to 100 times what you have. Of course, if you go against your expectations, you’ll lose, and you’ll lose as much as you use leverage. In short, it’s a high-lisk high-liton investment. Let’s talk more about this below.

The reason I took a proper approach to bitmex this time was to observe Bitcoin’s movements rather than to overcome prejudice. As you know, bitmex is actually the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange. It’s so-called margin exchange, but it’s been a while since it’s been on the spot.

Bitcoin movements on the BitMex exchange must be checked to check the direction and movement of bitcoin. I watch bitmex, Bynance, and BitFinex move on the three exchanges. As you can see, the three exchanges have the most enormous impact on Bitcoin’s movement today, and rather than unilaterally leading the movement on either side, they have an impact on the Bitcoin market. It’s probably because of the market-linked bots, but I think a lot of people, like me, who put up BITMEX, BITFINEX, BINANCE, and invest in Bitcoin.

So, as I was observing Bitcoin’s movements, I was naturally interested in bitmex, and I thought it would be interesting to actually invest in leverage with a small amount bitmex was not that difficult to adapt to because it supports Korean and has a simple interface. I just deposited a small amount of money into bitmex and made real investment, but so far the results aren’t so bad, and if I use it well, I think it could be a good investment. I think it’s a few hundred times more likely for anyone who buys a certain amount of Lotto every week to dream of turning their lives around in bitmex every week. (오Oh오) If you have a long decline and your balance is in tatters, and you have a bold determination without selling your brains, you might want to give it a try. Of course, it’s good to start trading in small amounts at first with the idea of paying tuition. If you go to the address below, you can get a 10% discount on transaction fees for six months.

If you enter the above address, you will see the statement in the light green box that you will receive a 10% commission discount over the next six months, as shown below. The registration process is very simple. Fill in the email and enter your password. Don’t forget your password. The country of residence will probably come to South Korea. And write down your name and last name. I don’t think the alias will matter. ^; And click Register after agreeing to the Terms and Conditions of Service



Now, you have to check my email to see if it’s your email.


Once you have entered the email, click ‘Check my email’ to complete the authentication. All bitmex subscription procedures are now complete.

Now you can come back to the bitmex site and log in. We recommend that you set up dual security first before making a deposit and starting a transaction. I don’t want my precious money to flow into anything weird. bitmex got a very good rating on the World Exchange security assessment this time. If you set up dual security, you won’t have to worry about assets. I know that there are a lot of people who actually deposit billions to tens of billions of dollars in bitmex.

Once you are logged in, please click on the “account” next to “trade” at the top. And if you look at the left tab, you’ll see My Account in Account and Preferences. If you press it, you can double-secure it. Select the dual security you want to set up next to Double-certification activation as shown below. We usually use Google Authenticator a lot. Google OTP authentication. And Google authentication code will come out, so make sure to write it down. Never take a note of your authentication code or security key online and make sure it’s thoroughly managed. If my phone is broken or lost later, I can get it back with that authentication code. And you can run Google OTP on your smartphone and record the QR code. And you can enter the six-digit number of the box called BITMEX in the blanks next to Submit at the bottom. And please press Submit. Well, I don’t think many of you are having a hard time getting Google OTP authentication. ^^

If you set up Google OTP like this, you’d be excited and want to deposit money and make a deal. bitmex deposit method is the same as other exchanges. Rather, I get my own multi-sigature Cold Wallet address, so I feel more relieved that my wallet’s address doesn’t change.

Press the top ‘account’ and press ‘deposit’ on the left tab, as shown in the figure below, and your multi-signature bitcoin deposit address will appear, so send the bitcoin to that location. Likewise, you can check the deposit address by pressing Balance on the top left.

It always informs you of the deposit or withdrawal progress through e-mail.

If you click the API at the top of the homepage and look at the bottom left, you can experience simulated investment using the test net. But it’s a bit of a hassle because I have to create a new account other than the existing one. I know that the minimum amount of bitmex deposit is 1,000 won. Instead of a mock investment, I think it would be better to deposit about 10,000 won and proceed in a simulated way. The real money is the investment practice.

If you think 10,000 won is too much of a fake investment, you can spend a little more on the first deposit. ^; One caveat is that, as I said at the beginning, you should never make much of the first deposit. I also deposited a unit of energy for a small amount, and then I was left with a bad luck of breaking the earthen pot. It’s the most important experience in bitmex, and it’s a painful memory, although it’s called liquidation. Since the crack, I’ve been sobering up and now I’m making a small profit for a short while.

I think about 100,000 won will be good for early margin investment practice. And it’s a one-time rule. The time is fixed. Please remember that withdrawals will be made at 10 p.m. by 10 p.m. Korean time.

Oh, and we don’t need anything else, and the most important thing for you to remember is to place a “reverse market” order.


I thought it would be okay for a moment


but I went out without placing a designated order, so I had to go through the pain of liquidation. Reversal designation! Remember that and now that I’m writing, I’m going to post additional precautions on the next follow-up

So we’ve talked about bitmex Exchange, the exchange for those who want to turn their lives around with small investments. Thank you very much.

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